The present club started off in 1971 as a Juvenile Club affiliated to BLOE, the Juvenile wing of BLE, the governing body. Initially we trained on the roads around Clonmel at the time, approx close to the Fethard Road Roundabout area and the Railway Station, not many cars around then and when they came we moved into the ditch or wasteland. We then progressed to Our Lady's Hall in Morton Street, and from there to the present car park in Mary's Street, where many a soccer match 50 to 60 a  side took place as warm down session. Our other training place was Marlfield Estate where the majority of our members would walk out to every Sunday to train there on the 2 mile circuit, courtesy of Mr. William Bagwell. In the Summer of 1973 we moved to the Clonmel High School pitch and over time it became our training ground. The Christian Brothers even gave us the use of the old bicycle shed to store our equipment. While all of this was going on at Juvenile level, we still had an active Senior side where the main activity was Cross Country, Open Sports and Track and Field Championships, there were very few Open Road Races then, the main focus was on Open Sports and nearly every village and town had one. 

Here I have tried to piece together our many achievments over the years at Juvenile Level.

I know I don't have the complete list of achievments by Club members especially in the early years, so feel free to contact Niall at if you have any extra material or correct any errors I may have made, appreciate such help.